Ustadh Muhammad Helmi

The co-founder and head instructor of the institute, Ustadh Muhammad Helmi is a graduate of the University of Alexandria from the Faculty of Adab. He has taught students of all ages from all over the world for the last 15 years; 3 years at Qortoba Institute and 12 years privately. He is an expert in Arabic grammar, poetry and literature.

Ustadh Muhammad Helmi teaches Level 1 (Foundations) and Level 3 (Advanced Islamic Studies). Based in Alexandria, Egypt, he enjoys reading in his spare time.

Ustadh Ibrahim Helmi

Currently pursuing a PhD in Arabic from the University of Alexandria, Ustadh Ibrahim Helmi is a top instructor for the institute. He has a Masters in Arabic and a diploma in education. He has been teaching Arabic for over 6 years.

He teaches Level 2 (Advanced Arabic) and Level 3 (Advanced Islamic Studies). He is also based in Alexandria, Egypt where he resides with his wife (Ustadha Aisha) and daughter.

Shaikh Ahmad Hasan

A scholar of the recitations of the Qur’an, Shaikh Ahmad has ijazahs in the agreed upon recitations of the Qur’an, including Warsh, Qaloon, Duri, Susi, Hafs, Shuba, ibn Amir, Kisaai, Khalf and also in the way of Durar.

He also holds certificates in teaching the Qaidah Nooraniyya (beginners) and the tajweed text Tuhfatul Atfaal (advanced). He is the head instructor of the Qur’an Memorization stream.

Ustadha Aisha Tala’at

Ustadha Aisha Tala’at has a degree in education from the University of Alexandria. She has been teaching Arabic to non-Arabs for about two years.

She teaches Level 2 (Advanced Arabic) at the institute, offering her classes for women only. She is married to Ustadh Ibrahim Helmi.