Islamic Studies



In this level, students are placed in a group of 10 online. This is where they begin to take their knowledge of Arabic to the formal study of Islam. This level comprises of a study of Arabic literature (50%) and Islamic texts (50%).


The Arabic literature portion is a study of an Arabic poem called Mulhatul I’rab and selections from other poems and prose of the ancient Arabs. The PDFs of these book are provided to each student.


The Islamic texts portion is a study of various subjects, such as hadith, tafsir, fiqh and aqeedah. The books and subjects vary with each offering of the course. The instructor leads a variety of exercises, such as discussions, explanations, drills and more.

What We Provide

  • Online class conducted through Zoom
  • Chance to ask questions live
  • PDF for all resources
  • Class notes (typed by instructor in class)
  • Video recording of each class


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