Prerequisites: We only accept students in our programs who have completed an Arabic curriculum in their native language like Bayyinah Access or Madina Books.

Listening and Reading

In this preparatory level, we focus on training the students’ ears to process Arabic. The students are placed in a class of around 15-20 students online. They are not expected to speak, only type answers.

Tafsir and iraab: Surah Nuh, Surah Hud

Arabic textbook: Qasasun Nabiyeen (selections)

The level is comprised of 36 hours of instruction.


In this level, we place students in small groups of 4-5 online. This is where they begin to converse in Arabic with the instructor and among themselves.This level is paced according to the students. So if a group proceeds faster, they will finish earlier.

Tafsir and iraab: Last two juz

Arabic textbook: Al-Arabiyyatu Baina Yadaik Vol 1 and 2 (selections)

The level is comprised of at least 60 hours of instruction.

Islamic Studies

In this level, students are placed in a group of 10 online. This is where they begin to take their knowledge of Arabic to the formal study of Islam. This level comprises of a study of Arabic literature (50%) and Islamic texts (50%).

The books and subjects vary with each offering of the course.

Qur’an Memorization

For those interested in memorizing the Qur’an with correct tajweed and earn an ijazah.